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Gordon Bradt and Kinetico Studios

 create kinetic sculpture clocks and other award winning kinetic art, recognized by collectors around the world…


Kinetico Studios

Eureka Springs, Arkansas  USA


Terri Bradt






Six Man Clock & Patent Poster by Gordon Bradt & Kinetico Studios


When you are finished watching this video, type kineticostudios into the YouTube search box above for more Kinetico Studios videos.



Grandfather Clock Restoration

   A very special hands-on restoration of Gordon Bradt’s original prototype of his limited edition chrome Grandfather Clock Series is being done by Gordon Bradt himself.  This clock was built exclusively by Gordon Bradt in 1992 to be developed into the 24 clocks built by his Kinetico Studios.  Now, in 2010 here is what Gordon has to say about his clock and his restoration.


     “This prototype model stood in my Eureka Springs home for some time and then went into Kinetico storage and was literally forgotten until the summer of 2010, when daughter Terri asked me if I wanted to restore it.  So for about two months this fall, I cleaned it up, built and replaced some parts and retrofitted the motor to the style used in the series of 24, bringing it to very smooth running order.  This is a one of a kind, original piece, totally hand built by me and slightly different from the Series models.  It is the only one that ever used the middle Rocker Arm as a functioning detent.”


     Gordon Bradt and Kinetico Studios plan to auction this one of a kind clock on Ebay, and we will release details of this auction when it is ready.  For more information about the clock and the auction, please contact Kinetico Studios.  See our web page Grandfather Clocks for more details about the Grandfather Series.


Gordon Bradt Fine Art Poster

Kinetico Studios still has a limited number of signed and unsigned fine art posters designed by Gordon Bradt and printed by Kinetico Studios.  This poster compliments our clocks, as seen in our YouTube video above.  Click Patent Poster for details of these beautiful prints.  Contact Terri at or call 479-253-9114 to order.



Gordon Bradt Retrospective Exhibit

And 84th Birthday Party



Eureka Springs, Arkansas was the setting for our retrospective exhibit in May, 2008, at the historic 1886 Crescent Hotel.  For 4 days we celebrated Kinetico Studio’s 35th year of incorporation, and Gordon Bradt’s 84th birthday with a wonderful exhibit of all of his creations, pieces that have been saved in our individual family collections.  Here’s a video of the exhibit and the party!



 “Boxes With Sound”

This new sculpture by Gordon Bradt is displayed in his home in Arkansas.



Lost Palms Cottage

Gordon & Collette Bradt were married for 50 years in 2000 when they bought a beach cottage on the Gulf of Mexico Coast, just west of Gulf Shores, Alabama on the Fort Morgan Peninsula.  Since then they have vacationed there every chance they got.  Now, in 2010, the cottage has been completely renovated, and can be rented from Gordon and Collette on a weekly or monthly basis.  See our website