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Here at Kinetico Studios, we only do complete restorations on Kinetico built clocks, for a flat rate charge of $1,500. We cannot do spot repairs or sell parts. During the restoration, all repairs, parts replacements, upgrades and adjustments are made that are needed, and motors are always replaced. In the cleaning and refinishing process, we strip off the old lacquer, polish the clock to its original luster, and then we apply fresh lacquer. This process restores the clock to original or better condition.



As part of our restoration service, we often convert the cycles on clocks for people when they need to run their clock in other parts of the world. Here in the US, we use 60 cycles, or hertz, while in Europe the electricity is 50 cycles, or hertz, and runs the clock at a slower speed. In order for our US clocks to keep time on 50 cycles, we can replace one of the big brass handmade gears with one that has lesser teeth, causing the gear to go around faster and keep time on 50 cycles.


We only stock 110volt motors. If your clock needs to run on 220volts and we need to replace it with a 110volt motor, a simple voltage converter purchased in your country will step the voltage down sufficiently.


When we return your clock to you, you will receive our Certificate of Authenticity. This document will certify that your clock is an original Gordon Bradt design built here at Kinetico Studios. It will also approximate the year or date we built your clock and record the date that we restored your clock to original condition.


The flat rate charge of $1,500 includes shipping the clock back to you, within the United States. This flat rate applies to any Kinetico Studios Desktop Clock style.


We can also give estimates for service on Grandfather Clocks.


Email Terri Bradt to schedule a restoration for a Kinetico Clock.



Questions? Email Terri Bradt at