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Gordon Bradt founded Kinetico Studios in 1973 after his first career in industry where he was Vice President of Engineering and Product Management for Bell and Howell Company’s motion picture camera and projector consumer photo products, and then President of their Audio Visual Products Group.  This experience with precision movie camera mechanisms is evident in his work.




 An inventor by nature, Bradt has also been awarded over 2 dozen U.S. patents in such diverse fields as auto loading tape recorders, electric vehicles, musical instruments, film cartridges, and his kinetic art mechanisms.  Read about his life and his patents on the Patents page.


Wikipedia includes a new article about Gordon Bradt at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gordon_Bradt.  There you can read about his life history, including his career at Bell & Howell Company.


And more can be found about his Bell & Howell career at https://www.madeinchicagomuseum.com/single-post/bell-and-howell/.