Kinetic Clock Sculpture

Patent Filed 1982

I donít know how Dad got the idea for the Six Man Clock, but the new design fit right into our manufacturing process at Kinetico Studios.†† By 1982 we had already handcrafted thousands of the Gordon Bradt Sports Figures, fashioning human figures from long pieces of brass welding rod using acetylene torches and soldering irons.The clocks would be built the same way.The 4rpm synchronous motors used for the Sports Figures could be used for the new clocks.The clocks were much harder to build, so it was a challenge to develop our techniques through the years.It was also a great joy and blessing for me to be a Kinetico Craftsman and spokesperson.


Like New York City, the Kinetico Clock has a million stories to tell.I hear a lot of the stories talking to people every day about their clocks.Family stories, office stories, stories from retailers and antique dealers.There are many fantastic clock owners who care very much about their clocks.We have had the great fortune of being represented by many wonderful stores around the country and the world.Weíve had some talented people in the local Eureka Springs area working in our shop, helping us to get the clocks out to the retailers.We canít keep up that pace anymore, but Iíd like to thank each and every one of those people who were part of the Kinetico experience.

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